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THE FACES OF FANTASM - Prosthetic Makeup Challenge!
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THE FACES OF FANTASM - Prosthetic Makeup Challenge!

This challenge is a FREE EVENT and open to ANY Fantasm Attendees REGARDLESS OF SKILL LEVEL!!
Come join your host, "Hong Kong's Father of Halloween" - Alan O (aka: The Party Monster), for this live, real time, SFX competition.

In this two person team event, eight teams (SFX artists and their models) will compete in a reality show, live, timed event, Prosthetic Makeup Challenge for a chance to win lots of Makeup/SFX Products and goodies from AEO Studios with total prizes over $200.

The competition will begin by contestants selecting up to 3 Foam Latex Prosthetic Appliances from those provided. They will then have one hour to create & transform their model into their own Horrific Character! Contestants will be graded and mentored by several Celebrity Guest Judges, including Scott Fensterer, from SyFy's "Face-Off".

Make sure to come join the fun as a contestant team, or to root for your favorite artist!

Sponsored by:
AEO Studios
Monster Manor

Location: Upstairs - Suwannee Pre-Function Area
Time: Saturday: 1pm
Contest Rules:


Each Artist and Model MUST individually fill out the following PDF and send it to with the subject:
Faces of Fantasm 2021.


  • Makeup/SFX Products from AEO Studios with total distributed prizes equaling over $200.
  • All participants will get a professional photo shoot with their model against a horror background, courtesy of The Nightmare Chamber.
  • Additional prizes to be named later.


  • Artists will have 20 min to select prosthetics/prep provided by AEO Studios for application and discussion of design and application.
  • During this time, Artists will have the option to sketch out a design as guide if they so choose.
  • Teams will then describe to the host and audience their intended creation.
  • 60 minutes will be put on the clock for Artists to complete their model including prosthetic application and makeup.
  • Contestants may bring accessories such as costume pieces, wigs, props, etc. to "flesh out" their character creations.
  • Each team will each have 2 "Lifelines", where they may ask Judges/Mentors for advice or technical help during their application.
  • Each entry will be graded on, but not limited to: Overall Design, Technical Application, Originality, Best Overall Look, etc.


  • Competition will be limited to 8 contestants and their models. This is a two person team event so you must have one person who will act as the "model" and have prosthetics placed on them by "SFX" artist.
  • Contestants will need to provide their own model.
  • Contestant and Model must be registered attendees of FANTASM.
  • Each participant will bring their own makeup and supplies to use during application. This includes all tools, makeup products, prosthetic adhesives, removers, etc. Supplies may be purchased in advance from the AOE booth in the Vendors Room if necessary.
  • All Artists’ supplies are to be professional makeup products, used in the manner for which they are intended. Application/removal, and Safety in use of all makeup products is the responsibility of each Artist/Model Team. Application methods/products are to be generally accepted as safe and standard in the Makeup Community. Encompass Entertainment, LLC, Fantasm, and AEO Studios, Inc.are not liable in any manner for any results, effects, or issues arising from makeup application or products.
  • AEO Studios/FANTASM will supply power cords/outlets, work stations, and all foam latex appliances.
  • All participants must pre-register through the FANTASM website. (Registration is free and open to any attendees).
  • Prizes will be awarded in Theatrical Makeup Supplies from AEO Studios.
  • All teams will start and finish at the exact times specified with NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are late to the event then you will have less time to complete your work.
  • Entrants and models must remain until the end of competition and may not leave until the competition is over with the exception of approved restroom breaks.
  • All work may be photographed, recorded and published by Encompass Entertainment, LLC, Fantasm, and AEO Studios, Inc, which has which has the right to use images and information for future advertising, promotional purposes.
  • Artists and models are all responsible for their own personal belongings, equipment, tools and products. The show will not be responsible for any damage or loss to personal effects.
  • A panel of judges will judge the entries and all decisions are final and cannot be contested.
  • All competitors must display strict hygiene standards in the application of makeup and hair and are responsible for cleaning their workstation afterwards leaving the area how they found it.
  • No smoking, drinking, eating will be permitted in the competition area.
  • Failure to comply with competition rules and guidelines may result in disqualification at management's discretion.


I've never done this before. How can I possibly compete against people who have?
You would be surprised what first time amateurs are capable of. Don't limit yourself!

What do I need to bring to competition?
All supplies, makeup, equipment necessary to apply your creation. Power and work tables will be provided for you.

I have some supplies but not everything I need. What about stuff to apply the prosthetics?
If you are missing supplies, they can be purchased at the AEO Studios booth at the convention.

Do I need to bring my own model?
Yes! Both the artist and model need to be registered convention attendees.

Can the model and I both decide on which prosthetics to use from the ones provided?
Yes! Both the artist and model may pick and decide together.

How long is prosthetic application process?
You will have one hour to apply your prosthetics and makeup to your model.

May we use premade prosthetic appliances?
No! All prosthetics must be chosen from the ones provided at the competition.

Is the contest in a closed room?
The contest takes place in the open, pre-function lobby space in Fantasm's upstairs area. It is viewable by the public.

Can attendees enter our area and interact with us?
The contest area will be stantioned off so that no attendees can enter the area.

Can I invite my friends in to help me?
No. No one other than the artist and model on a team may participate…But, they are more than welcome to come watch and cheer you on!

What if I have a last minute change of my model?
If you have a change, the new model must fill out the entry form and email it in or provide the form at the event. No one may participate without filling out the entry form.

Alan Ostrander

Make-up/Special F-X/Theatrical Artist
Haunted Attraction Designer/Director/Consultant

Alan Ostrander has been a professional theatrical artist since 1984, specializing in all aspects of Special FX Makeup for live productions & Film/TV. Throughout the US, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Argentina and more, he has worked as an actor, set designer, stage manager, prop master, artistic/talent director and many other positions in the entertainment production industry. He is the Founder/Creative Director of AEO Studios, a one-stop theatrical shop in Orlando. He is known as Hong Kong's "Father of Halloween" for his 13 years introducing/cultivating this Western Holiday in East Asia, and as one of the designers/performers of the original Terror on Church Street Haunted Attraction.

Partial Credit List includes:
Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Terror on Church St., Ocean Park Hong Kong, Six Flags Amusement Parks, Buena Vista Television, Discovery Channel, Haxan Films, Monsters & Monsters, Terror in Bariloche, Cirque du Soleil, and more.

Articles/Print credits in:
HK Magazine, Haunted Attraction Magazine, Hauntworld, Artslink, Make-up Artist Magazine, Orlando Sentinel, Watermark, South China Post, Tai Film, Create Magazine, Orlando Weekly, Seasonal Entertainment Source, and more

Teaching/Lecture Credits:
Transworld National Party & Halloween Expo (Multiple), HauntCon Haunted Attraction Convention (Multiple), Esther Beauty (Hong Kong), Mehron Makeup - College/HS Drama Departments (Multiple), Private MU/FX Tutorials/Workshops, FXEX13 (First Special FX/MU expo in Hong Kong) - Keynote Speaker

Scott Fensterer

Owner of Scott Fensterer Sculpture Studio, Creator and Host of Monster Manor

Scott's love for classic monsters began after seeing an old Castle Films 8mm home movie of Universal's Frankenstein. It inspired his life-long fascination with art in cinema... from design to makeup, this passion continued to grow through his childhood. While other kids were busy watching movies, Scott was busy making them with neighborhood friends. This lifelong affection for his "lovable monsters" spreads into every corner of his world!

Since that time, Scott has been in the commercial arts field for over 25 years, working in film (Madea's BOO - Special Makeup Effects Department), television (Robot Chicken, Season 5, Face Off/Game Face), toy prototype production (Mego, Proto-Hype Studios, Scott Fensterer Sculpture Studio), theme parks (Universal Studios, Walt Disney Corp), haunts, and more, but is best known for his appearances on the hit SYFY series FACE OFF and its spin-off, GAME FACE. He has won numerous awards, and was a 2019 nominee for the coveted Rondo award for "best event" for Gill-A-Bration, the 65th anniversary celebration the Creature from the Black Lagoon, an event held at Silver Springs, one of the filming locations of the series and attended by Ricou Browning, David J. Skal, and James-Michael Roddy.

Scott and Monster Manor co-creator, Michael Kinald conceptualized Monster Manor following a comment comparing his home to that of Gomez and Morticia Addams... A Monster Manor. With that, Monster Manor was born. By November of 2020, the show page was launched... and by January 2, 2021, the premier episode aired. Scott interviews each guest with respect and appreciation for the work they bring us.

Studio Page:
Monster Manor Page:

October 01 - 03, 2021
Rosen Shingle Creek
9939 Universal Blvd. Orlando, FL

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